About B

I am B. I am a dreamer, writer, actress, baking enthusiast, arter crafter, cheese addict and silly person, living in London.

My aims are to accept and love myself. To be true to myself. To let my silliness roam free like an overexcited wildebeest. Just B.

Some stuff I like:

  • The ‘C’ food group: Cheese, Cookies, Chips, Cake, Crackin’ ice cream sauce.
  • Animals.
  • Songs from Sesame Street.
  • Walking like a crab.
  • The number 8.

One Response to About B

  1. Mike says:

    Hello, I stumbled over this blog because of a great article you wrote on Tiny Buddha. Never met ya but you’re automatically likeable by being a silly cheese addict šŸ˜€

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