Just B Silly!

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” — Marilyn Monroe

I stumbled upon this fantastic quote and wanted to share it. Love that Marilyn!

I absolutely stand by this, because I am imperfect, I am quite mad and I do many many ridiculous things such as:

  • Attribute human emotions to my body parts (“my eyes are tired”, “my foot feels happy”)
  • Realise at 4.30pm after 8 hours at work that I forgot to do my hair
  • Wear my shoes on the wrong feet
  • Dream about having a dog one day and dressing him in shades and a bowler hat
  • Forget to zip up my skirt and then it falls down on the tube (yes that happened)

Depending on my mood, I can spot countless women within seconds of leaving my office in Soho who “are better” than me. Prettier faces. Slimmer bodies. Obviously more financially successful than me to have those fancier clothes, and more “together” than me to have gotten up early enough to fix their hair and make-up (I brush my eyebrows. And then put my shoes on the wrong feet). Depending on the extremity of my mood, I can end up teary eyed and feeling unworthy to even look anybody in the eye, for surely I must the ugliest person on the street!

Then once I calm down, I realise it’s all bunkum and the hysteria dissipates. Then I get frustrated with myself for having such a naughty brain, and then FINALLY I get onto the lessons learned, a self-assessment of why this thinking very clearly does NOT serve me:

  1. I think logically: “Self worth shouldn’t remotely be attached to looks, clothes or any external circumstance. Nor to how you measure up against others. It’s to Just B!”
  2. I look at the bigger picture: “After all – beauty, and success for that matter, are subjective, there are millions of different interpretations across every culture, every country and every individual”.
  3. I look at the smaller picture: “Think about my gifts. The unique combination of imperfect, mad and ridiculous that I am, how cool does that makes me!”.
  4. I take a look around me: “Think about everything I have to be grateful for”.
  5. I think practically: “I have a brilliant family, boyfriend and friends who know me and love me just the way I am, so clearly I cannot be as bad as my naughty brain makes out”.
  6. I think spiritually: “What matters most of all is my loving and kind spirit, and I know I have this in abundance. This is the real treasure. This is the real foundation of self worth”.

So, my goal is to alter my concept of my self worth in those moments when I feel it slipping. If I can release the urge to compare, if I can release my attachment to external factors, if I can focus on the strength and beauty within me, it will be an amazing release.

It’s never easy to change a habit of a lifetime but for me, it’s actually rather sensible.

For further inspiration, indeed one of the best articles I have read on self acceptance, let me direct you towards this dude at ‘Shake Off the Grind‘.


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