Can we talk about money? An open letter to life coaches

With the end of 2010 approaching and a spangly new 2011 on the way, I along with many others am reflecting on the year I’ve had and am gearing up for a new year of renewed energy and fresh ideas to achieve my dreams.

Many self-development writers and bloggers are embracing the ‘New Year’s resolution’ mindset by publishing tips on how to discover your passion and reach for your goals: including taking classes, re-training, trying new things, doing workshops, tests, consulting a life coach, to name just a few.

However I have to ask: What do you do if you don’t have the money?

Money is the brick wall many of us find ourselves staring up at, totally unable to overcome it. I am driven to ask following the recent arrival of the last quarterly energy bill, which caused some serious self-assessment of my finances. It was OUCH.

Being me, it wasn’t enough to sensibly ponder “Ok how do I cover this?”. I threw in a whole slew of self-criticisms to jolly the process along. “You are a grown woman and you have nothing to cover this. You have no savings. You earn a crap wage in a job you hate. You have nothing to show for yourself!”. I make myself feel ashamed in a very unkind (slightly dramatic) fashion.

But although giving up feels like an easier option, I don’t want to give up. My desire for change grows even stronger. So I read every article I see on chasing your dreams, hoping someone will offer some viable options for a goal-seeker on zero budget, but I am left frustrated.

One blogger did at least acknowledge the more financially challenged, but it was a rather limp one-liner: plan what you want to do and save up for it. Right. Well I have a plan. But I have no income left at the end of the month. If I did I wouldn’t have so much debt!

I’m not writing this to bemoan my situation, I know I am a lot more fortunate than many, I am grateful to have a job even though I do not enjoy it.

But, I would love to see some tips for those who dream of pursuing their passions – but are financially restricted.

If I receive any advice, I will gladly share them in a Part 2 to this post.

Alternatively feel free to comment and share any advice or similar experiences.

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