Musings on Beauty and Happiness at the Spa

“Every human is an artist, and the supreme art is the expression of the beauty of our spirit” – Don Miguel Ruiz  

This is a beautiful thought, isn’t it? That we have potential. We are love incarnate. We can create. We can inspire. We are all equally precious. 

I‘ve spent most of my life considering such mantras to be pretty to read and desperately trying to absorb the concepts, but failing to. But after the adventures I’ve had of late (you can read about it in my ‘About B’ page) the message is more potent and more possible than ever, and so it deserves a place here to share with you all. For it is groovy. 

Speaking of beauty of spirit, I spent the weekend with a very beautiful spirit indeed. We had a weekend away together and what a joy to be with he is. I also realised a few things on the trip: firstly, woodland creatures love Frosties. Secondly, I have a incy wincy problem in that I am always, to some degree, afraid I am bound to lose what makes me happy. I realised this whilst I was at the spa, floating on my back through a pool as hot as a bath, gazing up at the sky with birds flying way up overhead. Lovely place to be, and yet my thoughts were not there with me, they had run off to work out an action plan for when things go tits up. They were scouting about for clues that things would definitely always be ok and, unable to find such clues due to the nature of life itself, they panicked and decided it is safest to assume the worst. Because, as they put it, with me happy things always go away. 

Thoughts, I appreciate you want to protect me, I really do. But you need to quit with the fear. I want to relax and simply enjoy what I have right now, how about that? And stop implying that I do not deserve happiness or somehow manage to cock it up while you’re at it.

Having had this little conversation with myself, I instantly felt better. It probably helped that I rewarded myself with a trip to the Indian Blossom steam room, perhaps I should consider getting one installed. But I need to remind myself of this: there is no rule that states we do not get to be happy because we are unworthy, undeserving or incapable of holding onto it. Life goes up just as it goes down but you can love yourself throughout and remember all that you are and all that you deserve, a beautiful spirit with everything to offer.

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